#ArtVsArtist – The Face Behind the Art

by katyadbh 3 months ago

The last week has seen a rebirth of the #artvsartist hashtag prompt that’s been around for a few years on social media. If you’re not familiar with the prompt, the idea is to encourage artists to share an image of themselves surrounded by their work. It’s a chance for fans to get to know their favorite artist a little bit better, and to put a face to the art they love.

The #artvsartist prompt has been running for a few years now, but we’ve seen a massive influx this year. We asked our artist community to share their artvsartist posts with us so that you can have a chance to know them a little better too!

16. Anthony Massingham aka amassingham

17. Mark Schwindt

Thank you to all the artists who submitted their #artvsartist posts for us to share!

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