by Kat 8 months ago

Happy New Year’s from the humans at Design By Humans! Wherever you are in the world, we know that you will be bring in the New Year in a perfect DBH fashion: with vibrant, fun, and unique traditions! In honor of our international community of talented artists, we at DBH are hoping to incorporate fresh New Year’s traditions into our own celebration. This year, we’ve looked to all sorts of countries for inspiration and we’re hoping to include some exciting new practices into our countdown to 2018.


Help us decide if we should try the Romanian New Year’s tradition where we dress as bears, in the hopes of scaring away evil in the upcoming year. Maybe we can get away with wearing the Mountain Bear tee too?


There’s always the beloved Danish tradition where people bring in the new year with a bang by smashing broken plates on the front door of their friends’ and neighbors’ homes! And…you can’t go wrong with the Latin American tradition where people wear colorful underwear to welcome in the new year! Sign me up!

Or maybe, like in Spain, we can eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight to guarantee 12 lucky months in the new year. We were already planning on eating a ton of food, but now we can ensure we get 12 months of prosperity with it, too!


It can be hard to choose between all these brilliant New Year’s festivities; so, whichever way you will be spending your New Year’s Eve, we can all share in the universal New Year’s tradition of making our 2018 resolutions together! So, whether we decide to dress like a bear or wear colorful underwear –or maybe both— we’re excited to start our 2018 right by making a list of our 2018 plans! Check out the DBH New Year’s Resolutions right here:

1) We will try very hard to not slam the back door when we leave the building (even though we’re all convinced that door has a mind of its own and it may actually be haunted)!

2) We will try NOT to bring leftover cookies and treats into the office (even though it’s better to share the calories and spread the love) because we understand how hard it can be to say no to a delicious donut when you’re on your second week of a 2018 New Year’s “Eat More Broccoli & Exercise” resolution.


3) Most importantly, however, we will continue to empower our DBH artists to share their vision and tell their stories through vibrant and unique art!

So, get your pointy hats, your perfect Design By Humans tee, and get ready to bring in the New Year in style! There will be food, friends, and, maybe even bears!

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