Baby it’s Cold Outside!

by Alisa Lopez 2 years ago

I don’t know about everyone else, but my hoodies are my best friends right now! They keep me snuggly and warm inside and out. It’s getting pretty chilly here in California, enough that my car is frozen over when I get in it to go to work. I’m thankful to have several trusty DBH hoodies to keep me warm during these frozen months. But I can’t help wanting more!

Hoodies are my most valuable asset this time of year, and DBH has all the hoodies you’re looking for in the coolest designs. Whether you’re obsessed with nature, fantasy, comedy, romance, or just about any other genre, we’ve got it all. This time of year when a T-Shirt doesn’t seem to cut it but you still want to represent your favorite fandom, DBH has got your back.

Sure your favorite sweatshirt may be the one you got on a family vacation when you were in high school, but does it let everyone know what your favorite Star Wars character is? Does it adequately depict your personality? Does it even fit you the same anymore? Even if it does, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have a sweet design like Kart or Cartridge of Time on it. All in all, you need to find a better sweatshirt, one that fulfills all job requirements.


Yet another awesome function of a new hoodie is the ability to hide from your ex if you happen to run into them out in public. You catch them out of the corner of your eye and boom you flip that hood up and sneak away without even a second glance.

So, to sum it all up. The top reasons you should pick up a new hoodie from DBH are…

1. A DBH hoodie perfectly depicts your current or long time favs.
2. The hoodie you got on family vacation oh so long ago is on its last legs.
3. Hoodies are also a good way to hide from your ex. Because who wants to see that jerk ever again?
4. Lastly, why the heck not?

You just can’t go wrong with a good DBH hoodie. Below are a few of my fav that are currently trending. Check out our full selection here! Leave a comment down below what your favorite DBH hoodies is or maybe something you’d like to see on a hoodie.


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