Best of the Best of the Best, SIR

by Alisa Lopez 2 years ago

There are SO MANY amazing designs to choose from here at Design By Humans, sometimes it’s really tough to know where to start. So we thought we’d narrow it down for you with a few fan favorites–you being the fans! Here are some of the public-elected best-sellers for you to narrow down the search.

If you’re into the surreal, this one’s for you. Sharks floating through the trees, brilliantly expressed in stunning colors, mixing the natural with vibrant colors not usually found in piney forests. Danger lurks in these watery woods, beware the Shark Forest:


Continuing in the theme of scary things, this tv harkens back to The Ring. Your tv just overflowed into real life as you crawl away backwards, helplessly. No matter who the villain is, everyone’s helpless in a horror flick. Anyway it’s an explosion of color that seems to be fatal to your tv; but you’ll get a great shirt out of it! Check out Pixel Overload:


Switching gears now, this is one of my favorites that you picked! It captures a kind of wistful longing, and also the ominous presence of the city, the work, the rain, and that blue sky and sun above it, that little patch of happiness that you can’t quite get to. It’s also just a beautiful illustration! Check out I Want My Blue Sky:


On the flip side of the same equation, this one shows the real jungle and the concrete one side by side, like sides of the same coin. The heads in the city meet the tails in the jungle. I like the juxtaposition of the two worlds, clearly similar and clearly so very different all at the same time. Rep your wild side with Duality:


Escape into nature….and the end of the world with the whole smoking volcano over a red sun rising! It’s Pompeii if you’re a Whovian, but no city. Just nature and natural disasters. I particularly love the comic-y feel of this one. The design is really cool and it would look great on you! Check out Fuji:


Need a best friends shirt? This is the new Frog and Toad! Sloth and Turtle, making their debut in the race against the hare. Just a friendly reminder that everyone has a different perspective, and sometimes it’s nice to look at things from another side! Here’s Speed is Relative:


Best friends also need a group to hang in, bikes, a super secret mission, and the upside down! Celebrate your love affair (or maybe obsession is a better word for most of us) with Stranger Things with Demogorgon Days:


Float like a butterfly AND sting like a bee! Come to the fight with a shadowy creepy guy on your chest, everyone will be scared. And he’s got golden gloves that apparently, sting like bees. Check out Butterflies and the Gloves of Stingers:


The natural and business worlds collide again with this Wolf on Wall Street. This isn’t just wolfie junior either, this is a “sir” and everything. He’s either a real dog or one cutthroat businessman, but either way he looks pretty sharp! You can too, with Mr Wolf:


Spaceman says “everybody look down,” but he’s too busy looking up at the balloons taking him into the stars. I think he had the old guy from Up make him special space balloons so he could fly away from here. Maybe he’ll find a place for us to colonize; or he’ll get eaten by aliens. Or maybe he’ll bring the aliens back and we can all go! All the possibilities with The Spaceman’s Trip:


You could go anywhere with these shirts, and so many more! Check out the whole Most Wanted collection here.

Jumpstart your Christmas list, buy a little something for yourself, or put it on the wishlist for someone else to get you for Christmas, whatever works for you. You’ll find plenty of choices for everyone on your list!

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