Buckle Up, We’re Heading Out on a FanShop Adventure

by Kat 3 weeks ago

Scientists just discovered a new planet orbiting a young star in our universe — a perfect reminder that there is always something new to be discovered and explored! It is only fitting that Design By Humans is launching something new and exciting of its own: the FanShop platform. Get ready to head out on an adventure and explore a new frontier with a NASA FanShop and a Star Trek FanShop today!


DBH recognizes that every artist finds inspiration from the world around them and — thanks to DBH FanShops — that world just got a lot bigger! Design By Humans is partnering with popular brands like Star Trek, NASA, and more to offer an exclusive opportunity to their community of artists.

For the first time ever, fans and artists can put their talent to work to create unique graphics and art designs with the potential to become officially licensed apparel and merchandise! All approved artwork will be sold as Officially Licensed merchandise by the brand.

The FanShop platform provides a place that both inspires and encourages every avenue of creativity. Now, not only can artists design graphics for official licenses, but they can also win the opportunity to sell their designs as officially-approved apparel and merchandise for their favorite brands. Exciting licenses like Star Trek and NASA are only the beginning of the FanShop platform; more big-name favorites will launch soon.

Boldly go where no one has gone before and design officially licensed artwork for the Star Trek franchise here:

Star Trek

Head into space with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and create a design fit for aliens and Hümans alike here:


To become a part of the Fanshop community, sign up for a Design By Humans Store account today. Visit the FanShop instructional page to follow Design Brief guidelines on how to submit to official licenses for approval. Artists will design exciting fan-inspired art, earn royalty payments, and showcase their art to official licenses. Check out 3 easy steps to starting your very own FanShop:


DBH is shooting for the stars and we want you to come with us! To learn more, check out the FanShop page here.