Design By Humans Goes Shark Week

by DBH Staff 4 years ago

Watch out, their teeth are sharp; some as sharp as diamonds. Sharks are the predators of the sea. All sharks are carnivorous and often convey a frightening appearance, but not all sharks are enormous, intimidating creatures. Many artists at Design By Humans have created beautiful (or frightening) shark t shirt designs and other sea-dwellers. It’€™s time to get amped, because shark week is coming.

Top 5 Shark T-Shirts

Limited Edition Shark with Pixelated Teeth
Designed by gloopz
This shark might be more fashionable than intimidating, but that gold tooth looks pretty sharp to me.

Fancy SharkDesigned by jun087
Another fashionable shark! All sharks have gills, some wear color-block grillz. This fancy shark design is more trendy than intimidating, but I wouldn’€™t risk getting too close; that grill looks sharp.

Underwater BusinessDesigned by fourscore
I can’€™t imagine what sort of business a man could be doing with a couple of vicious sharks in the depths of the ocean, but in this design it seems there’€™s a whole lot of booty involved. Treasure, too.

Shark VS AlligatorDesigned by wolfinger
There is an incredible amount of detail woven into the design of this T-shirt, and it flows very well together. A shark versus an alligator; who do you think would win?

Diamonds are a Shark’s Best FriendDesigned by niLs285
Shark bite like a diamond, shark bite like a diamond. We’€™re treacherous like villains of the sea.

Blogger’s Choice Shark T-Shirt

The Diver (Trapped)Designed by Fathi-Dhia
At first glance the shark in this T-shirt design might be hard to find ‘€“ but look closely. The most terrifying view of a shark is through the perspective of a trapped diver’€™s eyes.

Top 5 Sea Creature T-Shirts

The Best of Shark Week: Awesome Photograph

Photos By: Discovery Channel

5 Interesting Shark Facts

  • A shark has the ability to regrow as many as 30,000 teeth in its lifetime.
  • One of the longest living creatures on Earth, the Whale Shark can live up to 150 years.
  • The smallest shark, the Dwarf Shark, measures 4 inches long.
  • Sharks do not chew their food; they swallow it whole.
  • An extinct species, the Megalodon Shark measured up to 67 feet long.

Artist Unknown

Can’t Watch Shark Week? Just Watch This. Sharknado!

Do you see that? In the water… It’€™s coming closer! It’€™s time to dig through your closet and pull out your most epic shark Tee. Although I wouldn’€™t suggest wearing the same shark T-shirt all week long, unless you’€™re hoping to have the couch all to yourself. Check out the shark T-shirts on our website, and get psyched; because shark week is coming!

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