Don We Now Our Ugly Christmas Sweater Apparel

by Kat 9 months ago

Things are about to get ugly at Santa’s Workshop for the annual office Christmas party! The North Pole inhabitants have been hard at work getting ready for Christmas and they’ve been busy checking their lists and checking them twice! So, everyone is excited about getting the chance to take a break, enjoy a little spiced hard cider, and rock around the Christmas tree.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus have gone above and beyond this year to keep the elves’ spirits bright with events like Reindeer Pong, some Christmas Carol-oke for the music lovers, and even a game of Ho-Ho Hold ‘Em for the risk-takers in the bunch. And, of course, there’ll be Dancer Dancer Revolution, too, even though everyone knows that Santa’s reindeer, Dancer, pretty much always wins that game…

Mrs. Claus is bringing her famous gingerbread cookies, carrots sticks, and everyone’s favorite Jingle shots! Everyone “nose” that Rudolph can’t help himself when it comes to the Jingle shots and the elves are excited to see what sort of mischief the red-nosed reindeer gets up to this year.

But the real Christmas tree topper of the party is the annual ugly Christmas sweater competition! The gossip around the North Pole watercooler (which is, of course, filled with eggnog) is that Santa will have a hard time picking this year’s winner from all the worthy candy-dates! All of Santa’s elves went shopping at Design By Humans and now they can barely contain their excitement at the chance to show off their festive ugly Christmas sweaters!

Jolly, the fastest toy maker in the North Pole, is hoping to be the toast of the party with his “Merry Slothmas” ugly Christmas sweater (if you can really consider anything so adorable “ugly”). A sloth raises a glass of champagne on this hilarious all over ugly Christmas sweater that is a perfect way to — slowly — show off the Christmas spirit.

Ugly Christmas 3

Buddy, Santa’s right-hand elf, admits “these designs are so hot, it’s like burning your tongue on a hot cup of cocoa every time!” With an endorsement like that, how could his sweater not win? Buddy is putting up a real fight for first place with his ugly Christmas sweater that shows off Santa and Krampus fighting in the style of a retro pixelated video game. Krampus doesn’t stand a chance against Santa Claus, but will Buddy’s ugly sweater be declared the victor in the ugly Christmas sweater battle?

Mrs. Claus is planning on a meowy Christmas this year and is going for the Mrs. “Claws” look with a funny ugly Christmas cat sweater with festive kittens and ornaments dancing across the front and back. While Santa’s reindeer, Comet, knows that Santa can’t resist a delicious cheeseburger and is hoping to win over Santa’s heart through his stomach with a funny ugly Christmas cheeseburger sweater!

Santa will need all the help he can get choosing this year’s winners from the hilarious DBH ugly Christmas sweater designs! Grab your own geeky Design By Humans ugly Christmas sweater and head to the North Pole to help Santa make a “Nice” and “Naughty” list to help choose the winners today!

Ugly Christmas 1
Ugly Christmas 2
Ugly Christmas 4

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