Double Exposure: The Double Rainbow of DBH Collections

by Kat 3 months ago

Our world is filled with undeniable beauty, vivid colors, and an intensity that can be difficult to portray with art alone. We, as artists, strive to translate this beauty onto a canvas, or by creating something that conveys all of the layers, the idiosyncrasies, and the realness around us.


Nevertheless, there is always a feeling that a canvas is far too one-dimensional – it can’t capture the shapes, the shadows, and the hidden seams around us. So, DBH is excited to introduce the newest Double Exposure Collection. Double exposure allows an artist to convey the complexity of something by showcasing varied moments in time, multiple images, and diverse scenes layered on top of each other. Each vision is a complex piece of a greater whole.


So, in our excitement for the newest collection, we look to HungryBear9562 – a beloved pop culture icon – who brought us the “Double Rainbow” moment in meme history. His popular double rainbow reaction touches on the beauty, the intensity, and the multi-layers around us. We’re in total agreement with you, dude:

Whoa, that’s a full rainbow, all the way. It’s a double rainbow all the way. Whoa, that’s so intense![…] Oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god, what does it mean? Tell me.

We were thinking the exact same thing about the new Double Exposure Collection! It’s so intense! What does it mean? Each moment is so much more profound; each scene means so much more when layered together. We get it, HungryBear9562, the world really is an intensely beautiful and wondrous place. A double rainbow all the way across the sky and a Double Exposure Collection all across DBH!


We encourage you to appreciate the double moments – whether they are in the Double Exposure Collection or a double rainbow outside your front lawn – for twice the beauty and twice the wonder. Try a Design By Humans’ Double Exposure design today and look your best in every layer.


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