Featured Artist: Alexsappy

by Kat 4 months ago

Alexsappy, from a small town in Canada, works with ink and marker to fashion a sleek and minimal style that is distinctly his own. He loves to create an “organic” look that centers around the human body and nature’s most unique elements.

His artistic routine is inspired by a “personal soundtrack” that follows him throughout his day and encourages creativity. He also admits that his pet cat serves as a silent collaborator in the daily art routine; his cat is never far from the studio to offer advice, judgement, or even “hungry” stares.

Alex Abbey’s background in Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences shaped the art he creates today. As a “glorified geologist who wanted to make the world a better place” his art style is filled with optimism, elements of nature, and an insight into human behavior.

An interest in tattoo art led him to design pieces for his own personal use, as well as, several friends. This journey pushed him into the art sphere and made drawing more than just a hobby. Alex believes that “art is my muse” and he is continually moved by it.

Alex is also inspired by the Japanese animator, Miyazaki, the Chinese photographer Ren Hang, as well as, anime cartoons.


Alex’s creativity shaped him into the person he is today. Upon graduating from school, he felt he was “set” in his opinions and personality but – with art – he has been transformed and reinvigorated. He said it “opened up my ideas” and made him question gender roles, equality, and knowing himself.


Alex’s medium of choice, or newsprint paper, is where all of his rough ideas start. However, once he decides to continue with a graphic, he transfers his design onto Bristol paper by tracing the rough draft out – by pressing it up against the light of the window. Although he gets “weird looks” from passerby’s and his roommates, he enjoys the tangible process of it.

He knows – although he is new to art – that “no matter what the learning curve or hardship” may be, artists must never stop creating.

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