Featured Artist: AnneAmanda

by Alisa Lopez 9 months ago

Q) Where are you from?
I was born in Finland and that’s where I’m living now, but I studied in Southern California.

Q) How would you best describe your art style?
Positive, light, bright. Feminine, pretty and simple. I work both digital and with markers and watercolours.

Q) Where do you find your inspiration when creating your art?
Nature, in it’s ever changing forms and colors, inspire me most. I also love the human form, and I find all it’s details like eyes and hair so interesting and beautiful. Also dreams and all kinds of magical, mystical things inspire me.

Q) When did you know you wanted to make a career in the art world?
I started to draw when I was very young, so everybody was always saying I was going to be an artist and my family was very encouraging. However I didn’t see art as a profession for me and I was also very interested in photography and fashion, so I studied fashion design and graphic design, and did those for a living for a while. Couple of years ago I started to create art again for fun and today I’m still at it, although I wouldn’t call it a career, more like a life style choice.

Q) How does art impact your day to day life or your impression of the world as a whole?
I am constantly observing stuff in order to get new ideas, whether I’m on my morning run in the woods or in the middle of a city. I see beauty and amazing forms and colors everywhere I go. When I’m creating, I feel in the right place and time.

Q) What does a day of creating artwork look like for you and how to you start your creative process?
In the morning, after I’ve done something physical (.ex a morning run), I grab a coffee and sit down by my desk and start with drawing the project I’m currently most excited about. I usually have several projects going, so whenever I get bored I change to another. I usually listen to podcasts or music (Lana Del Rey or movie scores), take a lunch break while watching a couple of YouTube videos and then it’s back to work. In the afternoon I check my e-mails and do maintenance work, then more coffee and creating.

Q) When you’re not creating, what do you like to do with your time?
Netflix, lol…but I do want to take care of my physical body, so I do yoga, gym, run and meditate. I also like to read books (love David Mitchell and Margaret Atwood), travel and movies, the usual. And eat lots of vegan food! 🙂


Q) What artist (either current or past) do you most admire and why?
Erté and Rudolf Koivu were my first art loves; art Deco and beautiful women in beautiful clothes. Andy Warhol had a big impact on me, pop culture and colors. Absolutely love the lines and colors of Conrad Roset , a contemporary Spanish artists, whom I found through Instagram. I like many fashion illustrators, too; David Downton, Tina Berning, Stina Persson and Cecilia Carlstedt, they all have very elegant, pared down style.

Q) What’s the best advice that’s been given to you as an artist?
Never give up! Really.

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