Featured Artist: Barlena

by Kat 3 months ago

Barlena’s work is a soothing combination of soft pastels, clean lines, and subtle details. Her lovely art – like an iceberg – hides even more beauty beneath the surface.

At first glance, the designs inspire a sense of calm and tranquility; it is only upon closer inspection that the detailed layers and subtle patterns become clear.

Barbara grew up in the countryside, however, she prefers city life – especially after spending time in Brighton, U.K. where she experienced the “amazing street art” and “open-minded people” of the colorful city.

Barlena is motivated by other talented creators like Lewis Watson and James Bay, or the artist, Cat Coquillette, who is “living her dream by travelling the world and doing what she loves every day.” Barlena admits that she, too, wants to “inspire other people to pursue their dreams” through her art.

Barlena shares that creativity is “expressing my ideas in unique ways” and that art is all about that perfect moment when “inspiration and motivation come together and create an unexpected piece of art.”

Barlena admits that to find that perfect moment she must first clear her workspace of all “unnecessary stuff” to start drawing. In fact, when she is having trouble focusing she takes a walk “to clear my head” too. She loves to have a clean and fresh perspective when she begins a project.

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Barlena says she would love to travel to the future to see how all art has changed and – especially – how her own style has changed; you can never imagine what will happen or how styles can evolve. Although she usually has a final design pictured in her head before she begins, she also loves when she can just see “where the pencil is leading me” because something unexpected and exciting is always the outcome.


Barlena believes that “anything can be achieved if you really want it and if you’re willing to put effort in it” so you should always follow your dreams and you should always keep creating.

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