Featured Artist: BlancheMarguerite

by Kat 7 months ago

Elle, or BlancheMarguerite, comes to us from the artistic city of Paris, France. She remembers that even as a young child she knew that she would be an artist one day. Her work as a graphic designer allows her a creative outlet, but she admits that it is only recently that she has “reconnected to my artistic childhood soul” and started to focus on drawing and creating art every day.

Following a destructive earthquake in 2011, BlancheMarguerite visited Christchurch, New Zealand. She pinpoints this trip as the moment that encouraged her to draw again, not just for work, but for herself. She saw the way that street art re-invigorated the devastated city and she found hope in the way that art “helped the people to heal and get back to their life.” She sees a similar trajectory in her own life and says, “getting back to drawing really saved me.” BlancheMarguerite returned to art and now focuses on her mantra of “simple & bright” as both a creative inspiration and as a personal goal.

BlancheMarguerite finds inspiration from the blogger, Lisa Gachet, because she created a “a studio from nothing” and that the blogger is never scared to try new things. Elle admires this because she knows that “being an artist is not just about art but about boundaries that you keep pushing away” and she understands that you must continue to push yourself every day to try new things and to improve your art.

Check out all of BlancheMarguerite’s designs here.

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