Featured Artist: Brian M Viveros

by katyadbh 2 years ago

California based artist Brian Viveros is a proven artistic force to be reckoned with. Describing his artwork as ‘strong, powerful and sexy,’ Brian first realized he wanted to make a career as an artist in 1997 after his first group show with H.R. Giger. “That clearly opened my eyes to what I wanted to do. At that time my art was not what you all probably are familiar with. They were still smoking girls of power but different. I hadn’t yet honed in on my signature style. I knew that would take time patience and discipline but I was very driven and dedicated to make this happen. I later went on to have my first solo show in Switzerland in 2004 where the biggest dream of life came true, H.R. Giger invited me and my wife to spend the day at his home in Zurich where I got to see the ‘Ghost Train’ and his ‘Zodiac Fountain’. We had drinks, talked about art, and traded prints. It was a truly surreal and unforgettable day in my life.”

When asked about his typical day of creating artwork, Brian tells us, “I don’t sleep much so I get up early, I’m an early dirty birdy. Usually I put on music and a film at the same time, I like to hear a lot of sounds which set the environment and mode I like. I make some coffee, have a good healthy breakfast and then do some stretching which is very important because so many years of sitting, drawing and painting can put some serious wear and tear on the back. Then I start the thinking process with doodle sketches and ideas. If I have something to sketch on a wood panel already then I start the painting process which will take about a week and a half or so to complete. Then it’s off to my framer to do something that will compliment the painting.

When asked what member of the art world he most admires past or present, Brian tells us, “Warhol for his drive and business sense. He was a workaholic and I’m kind of from the same mold. Warhol created his own empire, pushing the limits with his art and films, which I also do on the side is make underground art films. He built a world where he himself became more important than his paintings. There’s something very powerful to be said about that, I admire the idea of making your art a business and that’s what he did. It’s something I’ve always looked up to and encourage others to do who are just starting out.”

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