Featured Artist: Carbine

by Kat 4 months ago


Carbine’s designs are a journey into surrealism; they are a perfect juxtaposition of imagination, fantasy, and the commonplace.

His graphics, especially those with a space theme, encourage you to imagine traveling beyond what you know or expect.

Carbine, from a small town in Indonesia, understands that no matter how busy he gets that a “personal life must be maintained.” He strives to spend time with his children, keep up with his hobbies, and “walk around” to get inspiration from the world around him.

Carbine admits that the one thing we should know about him – other than his love of creating – is his love of coffee. He confesses, “I like to drink lots of coffee.” His energy and excitement – possibly helped by his love of coffee – are evident in his fun and vibrant designs. When asked how his style will change in the future, he imagined the possibility of “more fluorescent colors.”

In addition, he jokes that his “artwork is like spaghetti” because of the different styles he enjoys using in his designs.

Carbine admits that “art became a part of my life” and he can’t imagine his world without it or a world in which art is “finished” for him. He will continue to imagine, to explore, and to create for as long as he can.


Shop Carbine’s DBH Store here.

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