Featured Artist: CavemanJam

by Kat 3 months ago


CavemanJam – hailing from the quaint Northern California town of Chico – shares that although she loves her hometown, she would enjoy the opportunity to live somewhere like Oregon or Washington because she is “more productive when the weather is gloomier.” CavemanJam, or Kirsten, may crave the “gloomier” weather for inspiration, but her artwork is anything but gloomy.

Her magnetic designs, decorated with bright colors and unique themes, are a perfect juxtaposition of the light and the dark: an inspirational Grim Reaper, a smiling skeleton, or a “peaceful” zombie hand leave you wondering if you’re in a dream or the world’s best nightmare.

Kirsten’s unique style is “always changing” and she knows that although her art style may shift in the future, she says themes like skeletons and cats “are my jam” and will remain a constant in her work.

In fact, her greatest supporter is her pet cat. She shares – if we traded places with her for a day – that we would see just how needy her cat really is; nonetheless, her cat is an inspiration and “always wants to be by my side.”

CavemanJam confesses that she struggles with “imposter syndrome” being surrounded by such “amazing artists” in her work as a graphic designer. However, she overcomes that feeling by approaching each new day as a chance to try “something new and improve my skills.”

She pushes herself to make time for her art, even if only 30 minutes, because she understands that “juggling my personal life and my art can get a bit tricky” but that making time for both is essential.

Her greatest accomplishment, or graduating college, was the beginning of her career as an artist. She admits, “I wouldn’t be the artist that I am now” without her experiences in school or that “graphic design class that I randomly added to my schedule” during one of her semesters.


CavemanJam jokes that if her art was edible, “it would not taste good at all. It would probably have a slime consistency… maybe be a little rotten.” Kirsten’s distinctive designs are far from rotten; they are a glimpse of something fun, something curious, and something so captivating that they leave you desperate to see what she imagines next.

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