Featured Artist: DiegoVL

by Kat 7 months ago

DiegoVL, from “chaotic” Mexico City, has allowed his art to transform the way he views the world around him. Although he admits that he has enjoyed “making things since I was a little guy” it was only once he became a graphic designer that he began to focus on “making a career in the art world” and really investing in the details to make that happen.

Once he recognized that art would be his path moving forward, he began to “pay attention to the little details on things” like the “colors in nature and how they behave in perfect equilibrium.” He begins each day with an open notebook to record his ideas and adds “details until I am satisfied” and is able to create the final digital piece.


DiegoVL looks to the French illustrator, McBess, for inspiration. He confesses that he especially loves the details in McBess’ art because “you can spend a lot of time admiring the little details” hidden between the black and white images.

DiegoVL reminds his fellow DBH artists that practice is the key to success. He says, “without practice you can´t know what your flaws are, and if you don’t know what your flaws are you can’t improve your work.” DiegoVL takes his own advice and draws every day; he keeps his eyes open and records the details around him to create extraordinary art.

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