Featured Artist: ECMazur

by Kat 5 months ago


ECMazur’s creative process is like breathing to her and she can’t imagine her life without it. She admits that, “it’s rare for me to go a day without drawing” and the process is both calming and meditative; she is “grateful” that she discovered art and – for her – it is a haven to come home to after a bad day. Art encourages her to be “continually inspired by the world” and she loves being able to share it with people.

ECMazur admits that she was “late to the game” and only became interested in drawing as an adult. She often spent her days in the office “picturing all of the drawings I wanted to get started on.” Her beautifully-detailed ballpoint illustrations are a glimpse into the remarkable precision of nature, as well as, a vision into magical surrealism. Recently, she was encouraged to pursue art as a career and returned to school to “get closer to my dreams.”


She draws whenever she has a spare moment in between work and school, and even confesses, “for a long time I got most of my drawing done on the subway!” She knows that her busy schedule is no match for her eagerness and her drive to create art; she rarely experiences “artist’s block” because when she finds the time to draw she loses herself in the process. Although she loves staying active with dancing, swimming, and running, it is difficult to pull herself away from creating and says, “if I could figure out a way to walk and draw at the same time, I would!”

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The Japanese illustrator, Yuko Shimizu, is an inspiration to ECMazur. Not only does she appreciate Shimizu’s beautiful artwork, but she also appreciates the lesson of perseverance that the artist’s story inspires. ECMazur agrees with the sentiment that “there is always a way” and that you can never stop creating, sharing, and dreaming because “you never know what opportunities will come your way, or when.”

Little Turtle
The Infinite Pangolin
Party Dinosaur

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