Featured Artist: Filgouvea

by Kat 1 month ago

Filgouvea’s designs serve as a reminder that “nature and our planet are precious and we should cherish life on this amazing place.” His brilliantly colored nature scenes are a glimpse into a world that is expansive, vibrant, and pristine.

Filipe Gouvea shares that he would love to explore the “amazing landscapes” of Canada and Australia and he is in awe of the world around him. He attempts to capture this beauty through his art and he works with as many art mediums as possible — among them painting, drawing, and sculpting — to communicate the vividness of nature to his audience.


Filgouvea jokes that if he had a “Doc Brown modified DeLorean” he would visit several art periods to study different styles like cave painting, Cubism, and Bauhaus to find inspiration. He shares that his greatest inspiration often comes from other artists and the realization that he, too, wants to create “something that is as amazing as this piece.”

He admits that when he is feeling uninspired, he often turns to nature and attempts to capture its beauty with a new or different art medium, like watercolors or acrylics, so that he keeps “creating something while learning more about colors and other fundamentals” at the same time. He is also fascinated by the work of the Dutch graphic artist, M.C. Escher, whose mathematically-inspired surreal landscapes encourage Filgouvea’s interest in exploring geometric precision in his own work.


Filgouvea understands that an artist never really knows what a finished piece will look like. However, he believes that you must just start and “and something good sometimes comes out of it.” He also admires when an artist “has the drive to be constantly creating no matter what” and he follows this mantra in his own work.

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