Featured Artist: Goccart

by Kat 2 months ago

Goccart’s repertoire of vibrant designs – with bright colors, wide-eyed animals, and tasty foods – is exactly what you need to cheer you up after a long, tiring day. Goccart describes her creative philosophy simply as “play” – an idea that radiates from her lively and brilliant graphics.

The U.K. native jokes that she’d love the chance to go anywhere, but that the U.K. is home because “the weather isn’t dangerous and no animals can kill me.” Clair’s sense of humor and quirky outlook is evident in her work, as well as, her attitude on life.

She admits that if she had a time machine she would stay right where she is because “I don’t want to cause a time paradox…” or that she if she has any unusual rituals in her creative process, she wouldn’t know because they “seem normal” to her.


Goccart’s shares that she has a sketchbook filled with unfinished ideas and doodles. In fact, if she is having trouble focusing or creating she pushes herself to “do something new/different. Draw something different, try a new art medium, discover a new band, learn a new musical instrument or even travel somewhere you’ve never been to.” She also finds inspiration from artists like the writer Terry Pratchett, the cartoonist Lewis Trondheim, and the rock band the Wild Beasts.


Goccart’s ultimate message is always to “express yourself!” She appreciates that one’s own unique style is the best form of expression out there.

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