Featured Artist: Happinessinatee

by Kat 8 months ago

Happinessinatee, from New Zealand, loves to share his “cute and whimsical” art so he can “put a smile on people’s faces.” His adorable “doodles” – as he calls them – are a result of ideas that slowly begin to evolve throughout the day and he “connects the dots” to finalize the vision and draw his art.

Happinessinatee understands that art is a skill and it “takes time and practice” to master. This idea of art as something that can be fine-tuned encourages him to take art classes; he continues to work and improve his art daily.

In fact, Happinessinatee hopes to make art a career in the future, however, until then, he enjoys seeing the evolution of his art and follows the mantra “consistent practice and patience is the key to getting better at art.”

Happinessinatee’s artistic vision is inspired by the artist, John Singer Sargent, and his ability to “tell the viewer so much with just a few brush strokes.” He appreciates the simplicity of his work and it encourages him to understand that “good art doesn’t need to be complicated” and uses this to pursue his own artistic style.

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