Featured Artist: Ilustrata

by Kat 2 weeks ago


Ilustrata believes that creativity is the “the ability to mix unusual things and transform it in a new thing” — a feat accomplished with the fun and vibrant designs.

Bruno, the spokesperson for the Brazilian art studio, Ilustrata, shares that he and his fellow artists would love the opportunity to travel to Japan because “we love their culture.” In fact, Ilustrata’s imaginative designs conjure a distinctly Japanese feel with kanji characters and Japanese icons — like a giant Godzilla broccoli destroying the city —that are reimagined with a new comical twist.

The Ilustrata artists appreciate the aesthetics of the 1970’s and the 1980’s art styles and strive to incorporate a similarly bright and retro feel to their work. Nonetheless, Bruno also jokes that if they were able to travel to another period, they’d be tempted to head back a little further than the 70’s and 80’s because it “would be amazing to see a real dinosaur” instead.


Bruno admits that as an artist one can never have an “exact” idea of how an art piece will look once completed; however, the unknown is half the fun. He shares that the creative process is “an adventure too, so you have to give some chance to happy accidents and the exploration.” When he and the Ilustrata artists encounter a mental block to creating art they just “relax” and each artist has their “own funny ritual” to achieving that end. They approach the creative process not as something to stress or agonize over but as something that should be enjoyed.

Ilustrata shares that their greatest hope is to “give to the community a funny design” and to bring joy and humor to their audience.

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