Featured Artist: InkedinRed

by Kat 7 months ago

Erin Clark, or InkedinRed, travels the world and records her experiences with art. Born and raised in California, she spent her adult life visiting beautiful countries that continue to influence her creative process.

Her experiences — like a safari across the Serengeti, or a trip through Nepal — have led to some of her most distinctive pieces of work.

Her passion to record the wildlife on her travels can be seen in pieces like “Kitty Gesture” and “In the Grass” that share moments like a visit to a cat café in Thailand, or a trek through the national reserve, Maasai Mara.

InkedinRed says, “art seems to run in my blood.” She grew up surrounded by creativity and spent hours “trying to emulate the beautiful illustrations” in her childhood books. However, it was Erin’s grandmother, also a talented artist, who was the driving force in her pursuit of art as a career.

Recently, Erin followed her passion and became a full-time freelance artist. She spends her days at the drawing table with a cup of coffee, thinking and planning her next world trip, and creating art.

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InkedinRed spends her time outdoors gardening, hiking, and camping; still, she admits that art is a “fuel” to her and that she is “incomplete without it.” Although she enjoys her free time, she loves creating art more than anything.


She is influenced and encouraged by so many artists that it is difficult for her to choose just one. However, the Hungarian children’s book illustrator, William Pogany, as well as, the pen-and-ink drawings of the American artist/storyteller, Edward Gorey, are her biggest motivators. She has several of their pieces hanging above her workspace to encourage her daily; she hopes to someday write and illustrate her own stories as well.

InkedinRed reminds the DBH community that you can’t “let anyone’s ‘rules’ get in the way” of making art or finding joy in your life. She believes that “the world is a better place when people are making beautiful, thoughtful, and interactive things.”

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