Featured Artist: Intueri

by Kat 4 months ago

Intueri, from Israel, creates timeless grayscale designs that range from space-scapes and dystopian insights, to beautifully detailed nature scenes.

He admits that even as a child he dreamt of space and “other worlds”; these worlds were so vivid and felt so real to him, that he has worked to depict them in his art ever since.

He enjoys classic art styles from the Renaissance and Medieval Ages, nevertheless – although he loves traditional inks – new technology has won him over and he is addicted to the graphic tablet.

In fact, he enjoys creating so much that he can’t help but wish that his superpower was “diligence” so he could spend as much time drawing as possible.

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Intueri’s ideal work environment includes a cup of tea, quiet music, and his pet cat. He also admits that he is inspired by everything around him – even the daily news – because although “we live in an imperfect world” there is so much beauty around us; people must never forget the beauty around them or the magnetism of the most distant dreams and stars.


Nonetheless, his greatest wish is that people learn to understand each other; communication, understanding, and putting other’s needs above their own will create a more peaceful world. He is “ready to go the end for what I love” and hopes to encourage people to feel this way through his art.

Ammonites and Flowers

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