Featured Artist: JailbreakArts

by Kat 4 months ago

JailbreakArts’ beautifully intricate designs are haunting visions; surreal characters like skeletons eating ramen, brightly-colored grinning masks, and attacking “zombees” are sure to visit in your dreams. Alessandro Lalli – from the “historically and artistically beautiful” city of Rome, Italy – has been creating art since he was a child.

Even now, when he isn’t drawing he is at least thinking about drawing because art never feels like “work” to him. Creating is both a passion and a craving; he draws “for the simple taste of it.” He also jokes, ““you will have to put up with me for much longer, I’m sorry for you” because he can’t imagine ever stopping his art for any reason.

davidelm-dbhapril2018-6 (1)

Alessandro admits that “starting from scratch is very difficult” but that he enjoys making art a business and working with clients to make their ideas come to life. His greatest pride is having a happy customer “who comes back to ask for a commission” because their first experience with him was so enjoyable.

JailbreakArts hopes that someday he can “get to the point of not needing a signature in my drawings”. His unique and distinctive style – seen in his classic black and white designs, with a pop of color – are a perfect start to being the only signature he needs.

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