by Alisa Lopez 9 months ago

Valeriya Korenkova, also known as Kodamorkovkart, tells us about her beautiful hometown of Almaty, Kazakhstan which she describes as “the city of apples and mountains.” Valeriya admits that she doesn’t like “the word inspiration” because, for her, artistic motivation does not stem from emotion, rather she finds that “goals and objectives are my engine.” Nevertheless, Valeriya has been drawn to art since a young age and admits “I was 6 years old or less, a lot of cartoons influenced on me, then I wanted to draw cool as well, then my journey of artist started.” Valeriya’s artistic journey continues every day and she both sketches, as well as, creates digital art because “sometimes the image of the future art develops in my head like a puzzle from different ideas” and she must make her vision real.

Valeriya’s vision is strengthened by her love of nature and she tells us that, “twice a week I go out into the mountains” because it is in nature that she finds her greatest creative outlet. She says that “nature helps to contemplate” and allows her to focus her artistic creations. Valeriya reveals that her husband, also an artist, is her mentor and helps push her to reach new levels in her work. We asked Valeriya to share the greatest advice she has received, and she leaves us with: “Don’t hurry and go confident and true, working every day! Skipping skills today, you will not get better tomorrow!”

Valeriya Korenkova photo

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