Featured Artist: Krisamando

by Kat 7 months ago

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The creator, Krisamando, is compelled by an innate drive to make art. He says that his teacher has been the streets of his small town Klaten, in the Java province of Indonesia. His art style, which he describes as a “dirty street art, that is a bit dark and illustrative” is influenced by the people, the art, and the culture of his home.

His designs weave together conflicting threads of both the dark and the light; capturing unique visions like a skeleton on a surfboard or the ironic “Live Love Laugh” design that portrays a skeleton skateboarding.

Krisamando admits that he was never passionate about school and he knew that drawing was his “way of life”. He never “pushes” himself to create art and instead simply lets the “feeling” happen naturally, usually at “midnight, a cup of coffee and music” to inspire him. He also focuses on getting time away from the creative process to refuel with friends, family, and pets.


The graffiti artist, Banksy, and death metal illustrator, Riddick Art, serve as an inspiration for Krisamando’s own “dirty street art”. Krisamando is encouraged by these artists to follow his own unique style; he reminds other artists to be true to their technique because, he says, “you’re born original.”

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