Featured Artist: MarinaBH

by Kat 1 month ago


MarinaBH shares that she can draw any time and any place — just give her a scrap of paper and she will have “enough to doodle my idea.” However, when it comes to being inspired and deciding what to draw, she prefers being alone in her studio, a cup of a Turkish coffee (she likes it black, so it encourages her to get “serious”) on her desk, with her favorite radio station playing on a well-used and well-loved stereo.


She jokes that she is never at a loss for what to draw and that “my muse just won’t stop yapping.” MarinaBH has worked with traditional mediums like ink, watercolor, and pastel but she recently fell in love with digital illustrations and vector drawing software; she appreciates “all the possibilities that it offers.” However, she also enjoys drawing cartoons, short comics, and is interested in learning to sew because it would “be so cool to make piece of clothing from a scratch.”

MarinaBH admits that if she could have one piece of art hanging in her home, she would love to have Joan Miro’s Ladders Cross the Blue Sky in a Wheel of Fire, which she lovingly nicknamed “The Boy That Ate a Bee.” She currently has a copy of the piece, yet MarinaBH says that having the original would be amazing because “it would also mean that I was rich, so it would be double awesome!”

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MarianaBH’s vibrant and unique outlook on life is evident in her responses to questions like, “What superpower would you like?” She answers, “I would like to have every superpower for a week. First week flying, second week super strength, third invisibility, fourth telekinesis, and so on. And then all over again from the start.” She jokes it might distract her from her art, but it would be an adventure nonetheless.


Similarly, when asked what fictional world she would like to live in, MarinaBH admits that she misread the question as, “What fictional word would you live in?” which resulted in the imaginative new word: “Levihumbubleshire” — a delightful combination of the words “levitating”, “humor”, “bubble”, and “Shire” from The Lord of the Rings.

MarinaBH hopes that her art encourages people to “be more kind” and “to laugh more” with each other. Her lively and creative illustrations reflect this hope and her own bright outlook on life; her unique art and approach to life will be sure to encourage happiness in everyone who sees it.

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