Featured Artist: Plaguearts

by Kat 8 months ago

Plague Arts

Plaguearts, born and raised in New Orleans, is drawn to the art, the food, and his connection to family found in the diverse city that he calls home. Nonetheless, it isn’t necessarily the bustling streets of New Orleans that inspire him, rather it is “exploring the unknown, whether it’s the darker side of human nature, alien ecosystems, ancient wisdom, or anything in between” which fuels the passion for his artistic endeavors.

Plaguearts admits that he has always felt “the urge to do art until my hands fall off” and he’s been “inspired to create, and learning how to make a career out of it is just part of that process.” He knows that creating art was the only path and, in many ways, the only choice for him. He pushes himself “to create around the clock” and to find inspiration from the world around him. Nonetheless, he is often lost in his own imagination and admits, “I’m just walking around thinking about creatures and star systems, trying to make sure that I look like I’m listening to people.” He knows that his imagination is his greatest gift and uses that “vast engine of creativity” to create exceptional art.


Plaguearts loves to explore different avenues of artistic expression like pixel art, creature illustration, brushpen, watercolor, and he has even worked on professional tattooing. Still it is his fascination with 16th century illustration that inspires his artwork on DBH. In addition to 16th century art, he is encouraged by the actor Jim Carrey, who he says, “devotes himself 100% to his work” and always “sticks to his roots.” Plaguearts respects the drive and hard work that it takes to succeed in the art world, and encourages people with, “It’s a muscle, so just keep pushing, don’t listen to anyone, and do exactly what you love and enjoy.” He understands that anyone can be talented, but it takes dedication, experimentation, and focus to truly succeed.


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