Featured Artist: Redappletees

by Kat 1 week ago


Redappletees’ art evokes memories of a dream-like world and childhood distractions. Her designs, which are “inspired by fantasy, fairy tale, and myths”, also have a curious quality to them — like a beautiful mermaid with tentacles, a Geisha with bright coral hair, or a monster holding a cigarette. The characters from our imagination get a modern and unique retelling in Redappletees’ art.

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Redappletees shares that she has “a lot of ideas swimming around my head” and she keeps a journal to record them. Moreover, she confesses that her fiancé teases her because she prefers “working at my desk at home, with reality tv playing in the background” because it helps her channel her creativity. Although she prefers creating art digitally, she appreciates working with traditional ink and paper as well.

She admits that her art is particularly encouraged by magical worlds like in Harry Potter or Game of Thrones; she would love to experience them for herself. However, when asked what magical power she wanted, she said — rather than controlling dragons or mastering a charm like Expecto Patronum — she would “teleport anywhere in the world in a blink of the eye” and travel to Greece and Italy to “be influenced by other cultures and artwork.” Redappletees’ work is influenced by Greek and Roman art, but she also admires the Czech Art Nouveau painter, Alphonse Mucha, and would love to own a piece by him.

Redappletees reminds us “don’t be afraid to try and learn a different medium” because creativity is fluid and ever-changing; everything can be used to further your passion and creative work. She shares, “you never know you might fall in love with something new.”

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