Featured Artist: SeamlessoO

by Kat 1 month ago

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SeamlessoO’s art opens the door to breathtaking surreal landscapes, filled with the bizarre and the unusual. The vivid dreamlike images make you feel like an explorer in a mysterious uncharted land. SeamlessoO refuses to accept the idea that we must be confined to a “comfort zone” and he strives to create a world that is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

SeamlessoO, or Giovanny, understands that life is short and that you must “either live with a purpose or live empty” — a sentiment that pushes him to dedicate his life to art. Giovanny also believes that artists create because they are “searching for a cure and in many ways art is that antidote”.

He, too, considers his passion for art as an undeniable “hunger” that can’t be ignored. In fact, he says that his creative process “sometimes is a fight sometimes is a dance” but that either way he can’t resist making art his focus and passion.

He shares that he is “always creating” and finds inspiration from artists like the French Impressionist painter, Claude Monet, or the “dark sarcastic” work of the modern artist, Steven Rhodes, who created his favorite piece: My First Knife Fight.


SeamlessoO hopes to try new styles and explore more art movements in his work; his greatest hope is to “continue to create and see how far can I take it”. His pragmatic philosophy is that “the future doesn’t exist so what’s the point on thinking about it” which helps him stay focused on the present and encourages him to live his life as fully as possible.

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