Featured Artist: Skitch

by Alisa Lopez 11 months ago

Q) Where are you from?
I’m from Purworejo, a small city in Indonesia

Q) How would you best describe your art style?
Basically I’m a lettering artist but in most of my work I combine them with hand-drawn illustration to a give natural look.

3) Where do you find your inspiration when creating your art?
Gig poster books, pinterest, vintage ads, other peoples work. Never work without music 🙂

Q) When did you know you wanted to make a career in the art world?
I have a teacher who introduced me to art and design in 2008 so I owe him everything in my life.

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Q) How does art impact your day to day life or your impression of the world as a whole?
I think we can make a better life with design. I started a social project named Moteesbrand a few years ago where we collaborate with many social communities to make a campaign which encourages people to do a positive action and created some product where 25% of the profit goes to the campaign goals such as to help orangutan and shark conservation.

Q) What does a day of creating artwork look like for you and how to you start your creative process?
I pretty much enjoy my morning routine which starts with a cup of coffee or tea and then just checking emails.

Q) When you’re not creating, what do you like to do with your time?
Definitely Movies and being outside. It’s good to have plans for traveling to refresh everything.

Q) What artist (either current or past) do you most admire and why?
Well there’s so many to mention but I’m enjoying Mary Kate McDevitt’s works. I like how she plays with different layout, style and colors. She’s just amazing!

Q) What’s the best advice that’s been given to you as an artist?
Never try never know maybe is the best advice I could give. At first maybe it seems so hard but you’ll find a way eventually. Just keep doing and make progress!


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