Featured Artist: StevenToang

by Kat 3 months ago

StevenToang’s diverse style contains a unique blend of elegance, surrealism, and the humorous; each piece has its own distinctive quality, yet still maintains a sense of belonging to the greater whole. Steven’s art encourages you to find the details hidden within the vision: a stowaway passenger riding a koi fish, a silhouette in the reflection of a pair of glasses, or a detailed dragon hidden within a question mark; each design is more than just the whole.


Steven, from Malaysia, jokes that his home city of Kuala Lumpur has only one season and “we only wear shorts and tees” all year long. Lucky for him, his fun and imaginative designs are the perfect way to brighten up the tees he must wear throughout the year.


He admits that “ideas are everywhere” but the execution of an idea can be the “greatest obstacle”; it can be difficult to translate the visions in his head onto paper. Steven researches “styles and concepts” because “there are no easy [ways] to create an awesome design.” Nonetheless, “designing is part of my life” and his day is spent formulating new ideas and planning his next design. In fact, StevenToang’s greatest accomplishment was “winning my first Design By Humans’ weekly design contest” because it was a triumph having others appreciate the time and effort it takes to make creative designs.

StevenToang understands that “art is unlimited” and constantly evolving and he is excited to see what the future holds for him.

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