Featured Artist: TechraNova

by Kat 2 months ago

TechraNova’s designs are just what you need to make your day a little bit brighter. The designs – like smiling animals in your pocket – allow you to take a little piece of joy with you wherever you go.

Sarah Richford, from the U.K., loves exploring new restaurants because “food is delicious” – an idea that makes its way into her fun and vibrant designs that are themed with waffles, cupcakes, and more. In fact, she recognizes that her style, if edible, would taste like “a sweet candy or the taste of chocolate because I love it so much.”


TechraNova has “enjoyed drawing from a super young age”; she now focuses her energy on “being consistent” in her art style. Although she loves trying out new techniques, she also hopes to “develop an art style that flows with my other pieces” as well. In fact, when thinking about how her art will look in the future, she hopes to be more consistent, as well as, “much better” by focusing on making her “lineart cleaner, anatomy better, colours more precise” and continuing to practice her craft.

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Sarah jokes that she is currently suffering from a “mini existential crisis” because – although she has accomplished several “little artistic milestones” that she is proud of – she can’t help but feel that she is still waiting for that “massive thing” waiting on the horizon. Nevertheless, she believes that living and being happy is a “constant accomplishment” that everyone can, and should, be proud of.


TechraNova’s mantra is “the only way to improve is to practice” and she is never afraid to be her own worst critic. She shares that when looking over her work, she tries a “depressing magic trick” where she flips the canvas back and forth to get a different perspective. She acknowledges that she always finds something to improve upon but that it is just another opportunity for practice.

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