Featured Artist: Tingsy

by Kat 3 weeks ago


Tingsy creates art “that makes people smile” and encourages people “not to take themselves too seriously.” Her eclectic style — which ranges from a fun retro 80’s look to a more comical tone, like that of a dabbing unicorn — is sure to make you smile a little longer or laugh just a little bit louder.

Tingsy admits that she has no urge to leave her home because living in the Bahamas is “already pretty cool” and that it helps her keep an upbeat outlook on life. However, she recently traveled to Barcelona, Spain and was drawn to the energy of the city and loved that “there was music everywhere”. She is drawn to the bright and positive in the world and she works to weave it into her art.


Tingsy shares that her friends are her greatest encouragement when it comes to creating her own art because “they are all so talented in different ways”. Each friend shows a commitment and a passion for their work and she cannot help but be inspired by their enthusiasm. Moreover, Tingsy is a fan of the Spanish creator, Pablo Picasso. Tingsy jokes that if she had a TARDIS, like the time machine from the Doctor Who series, she would love to study and spend time with the Spanish painter. Her reasoning is straightforward and simply “because Picasso.”

Tingsy admits that although she often doesn’t know what her finished art piece will look like, she enjoys being surprised by the end result and admits, “that’s what makes it fun.”

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