Featured Artist: Villainmazk

by Kat 8 months ago

Villainmazk, from Lamphun, Thailand, has been a DBH member since 2012.

He finds inspiration for his art from the world around him and he uses movies, documentaries, music, and more to spur on his creativity. Villainmazk admits that art has been an important part of his life since he was a young boy taking classes in school, and his artwork still starts with simple “pencil and paper” before anything becomes digital.

The everyday world continues to amaze Villainmazk and it pushes him to create beautiful pieces of art out of the ordinary “peaceful” moments that he experiences in his daily life. His greatest creative moments come after his morning coffee when he feels relaxed and it leads him to “make a vision in my head, and then, I will start to sketch my new work.”


Villainmazk understands that sometimes an artist cannot overthink a piece and he explains that “if you can’t think the good idea. Stop thinking” because sometimes you have to sit back and take a breath before true inspiration is possible. He knows that sometimes it’s only during a “happy moment” and living life that an artist can sit down and create something beautiful.


If you want to shop all of Villainmazk’s designs, check them out here.