Finalists for the DBH Star Wars “Cutest in the Galaxy” Pageant

by Kat 8 months ago

Get ready for the glam, the glitz, and the galactic talents of the Design By Humans’ Star Wars “Cute” Pageant participants. The annual who’s who of adorable Star Wars characters from your favorite films like A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Force Awakens (plus, introducing the newest and the much-anticipated The Last Jedi) is right around the corner. All of the cutest aliens will be there to show off their baton twirling, opera singing, tap dancing, and more!

R2-D2 – winner of Mr. Congeniality 4 years running – is ready to rock the interview portion of the pageant. The adorable droid is known for his insightful answers and— every year— the judges are blown away by him. In fact, last year, the judges asked about world peace and his answer of “beep boop beep” practically had people crying in the audience! Show your support for the sweetest droid around with a cool R2-D2 shirt.


Chewie fans, you’re in luck because the Wookiee will be trying for the crown again this year! He was a little disappointed to hear that the bathing suit competition was cancelled (he had the cutest bathing suit picked out!) but he’s pretty happy he won’t have to shave his legs…or his arms…or, well, his face. Cheer on the best Wookiee in the galaxy with a Chewbacca tee.


Yoda’s planning on entering this year too! The little cheat couldn’t resist using the Force to see who would win…so he already knows he won’t be taking the crown home. He’s still honored to be a finalist though and he can’t wait to show off his awesome break-dancing skills during the talent portion!


However, Wicket Warrick – the cutest Ewok on Endor – is favored to win AGAIN this year. There really isn’t any competition when it comes to the Ewoks…I mean, is there any judge out there who could resist those adorable teddy-bear faces?


Hold the phones, though, because there’s a new contestant in the galaxy and they’re going to give the Ewoks a run for their money! The Star Wars: The Last Jedi is excited to introduce the cutest feathered creature around: the Porgs! The adorable inhabitants of Luke Skywalker’s island, Ahch-To, might just take home the title this year! Don’t miss out on these adorable new favorites!

Porg Pocket

Get a front row seat for the DBH Star War Cute Pageant today! Check out the best Star Wars tees with the cutest characters in the galaxy, or even some of the not-so cute characters (cough cough…Jabba) right here and get ready for the Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiere, before it’s too late!

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