Grab Bag T Shirt Sale – $6 Serendipitees

by DBH Staff 5 years ago

Grab Bag T Shirt Sale

Today is the $6 grab bag sale! The famous Serendipitee is avilable again, the question is what shirt are you going to get?

You know you’€™re getting a fabulous DBH tee, but which one? Let the adventure begin’€¦. As we go through our inventory of the last remaining tees, enjoy the low price clearance. If you like to gamble, you know you’€™re a winner; if you life an adventure, it’€™s a new discovery; if you like surprises, the Grab Bag tee is your next gift.

For $6 dollars we will send you a Design By Humans shirt, you save 70% off the regular price. It’€™s a Serendipitee with today’€™s t shirt sale. There are over 50 different t shirt designs in the grab bag. Take a chance on getting one of your favorites

On the 7th Day of Tee Sale, DBH gave to me… A Grab Bag Serendipitee

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