Hasta La Vista, Baby: New Phones Cases Are the Future

by Kat 6 months ago

We’ve all seen the Terminator movies and we know that technological advancements can mean only one thing: cyborg assassins are going to take over the world! Quick, get Arnold Schwarzenegger on the phone! We need help.


Nevertheless, we know that technological developments can help save lives, improve the environment, and even explore far off galaxies…so it can’t be all bad, right? And – as far as our own lives are concerned – we love our gadgets and gizmos; we can open our phones with a fingerprint scan, turn on lights with a voice command, and ask our phones any question in the book and get an answer. Never again do we have to look something up in a dictionary. Ask Siri, she’ll know!


Here at Design By Humans, we fear the post-apocalyptic message in Terminator (the artificial intelligence system, Skynet, sounds terrifying!) but we also recognize that there is no living without our phones. So, we decided to take another lesson from the film as well: originally, Terminator was one of the “bad guys”, but he came back for round 2 – got an awesome pair of sunglasses, leather jacket, and a whole new look – and it changed him into one awesome cyborg. So, we figured if we dressed our phones in unique and artistic DBH art, then maybe when the computers take over the world our phones will remember and take pity on us!


Check out the launch of exciting new phone cases for the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and Galaxy S8! The new line of phone cases offers all the favorite Design By Humans designs that were previously available as phone cases, except now with the sleek and modernized phone covers for the newest technology. Whether you prefer a smooth geometric print, an artistic octopus, or something a little more cat-centric, you’ll find all the best DBH designs here.

Love is Painful

So, bring it on, Skynet! You won’t want to destroy humankind once you realize that robots just don’t have what it takes to make unique and passionate art; plus, if you destroy us, then you won’t get to wear any awesome new DBH designs anymore.

Shop new DBH phone cases for the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and Galaxy S8 and make your almost self-aware phones happy before it’s too late.

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