Introducing Totally Real Organic Tees!

by katyadbh 1 year ago

At DBH, sustainability has always been an important aspect of our company. From our water based inks, to our low waste on-demand printing method – we’re always striving to find the next great breakthrough in environmentally friendly fashion.

Which is why we’re excited to announce our new tshirt blank type. Made from 100% organic* materials grown right here** at our headquarters in Northern California. Each shirt is hand grown from the finest quality grass fibers that are then woven to make this eco friendly tee that features a loose, flowy fit and quality you can really feel***.

*this is definitely astroturf **we definitely got it from our local hardware store ***it feels like sandpaper


Looking for something unique?
You can now personalize your organic tee with these great new fashion forward accessories!


Okay, so maybe our “organic” tees need a little more work. For now, if you’re feeling your inner eco warrior you can pick up one of our (actually environmentally friendly) tees from our Eco Collection and help us plant some new trees with One Tree Planted.

Happy April 1st everyone.


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