May the Fourth: Day in the Life of a Stormtrooper

by Kat 3 months ago

The stormtrooper – the infamous foot soldier of the Galactic Empire – is an iconic symbol of the Star Wars franchise. The white armor and “Bucket Head” helmet instantly transport you to a galaxy far, far away.

In honor of the famous Star Wars’ celebration, May the Fourth, let’s take a peek at how your favorite Bucket Heads are celebrating the holiday!

1) Morning Routine:

Stormtrooper TK-422 (okay let’s just call him Steve), will set his alarm early on May 4th; it’s a special occasion and he wants to have time to get ready and look his best in the morning! He’ll probably hem and haw over what Stormtrooper outfit to wear: should he wear the white one with the bucket helmet? Or maybe the other white one with the bucket helmet? Mhmm so many choices! He doesn’t really have any hair to brush so he’ll just polish his helmet until it shines instead! And now he’s out the door to get to the office, aka the Death Star, by 9 AM to avoid all that space traffic.


2) Life in the Death Star Cubicle:

Once at the Death Star, he’ll enjoy a cup of coffee with his buddy, TK-5431. We’re not quite sure how they drink their coffee…maybe through a straw? Anyway, Steve has a busy day of standing guard at his post to make sure no rebels like Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker sneak aboard.


3) Cafeteria Politics:

Steve packed himself a delicious lunch to enjoy in the office breakroom. We’re still not quite sure how stormtroopers eat while wearing those helmets…so maybe they just take Instagram photos instead? Either way, Steve will definitely be sitting with the other stormtroopers. The Death Star breakroom can be little cliquey and you’ll never find him sitting with the shoretroopers, sandtroopers, or snowtroopers. And forget about the Death Troopers. No one wants to sit with those jerks!


4) May the Fourth Piñata Time:

Stormtroopers may belong to the Galactic Empire but everyone – even the bad guys – celebrate May the Fourth in a galaxy far, far away. Darth Vader is a terrifying boss, but he always plans the best office parties! There will be a piñata of the Millennium Falcon, plates and plates of Wookiee cookies, and there is even talk that Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes will be playing the event!


5) Lights Out:

Steve will probably have a few too many drinks like a Tatooine Sunset (made from fermented fruit) and Yatooni Boska (made from fermented Dewback sweat) so he’ll just crash in bed when he gets home – still wearing his armor from the day. He’s going to need the Force to help him wake up tomorrow morning…


Get ready for your own May the Fourth celebration with an awesome Design By Humans Star Wars shirt! May the Force be with you on the most festive Star Wars day of the year! Hopefully, your boss (who is NOT Darth Vader) has something fun planned for you too!

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