Monster Mash: It’s a Costume Tee Smash!

by Alisa Lopez 9 months ago

Design By Humans cordially invites you to the Monster Mash Masquerade Ball! All the graveyard ghosts, goblins, and ghouls will be there in their finest cocktail attire and their finest DBH costume tees! Halloween is all about getting to trick-or-treat yo’ self to a fun new identity; join your neighborhood ghosts for the Halloween event of the year: the Monster Mash Masquerade Ball!

Dracula is hosting this year’s All Hallows’ Eve festivi-tees and he can’t wait to show off his new piñata-themed all over costume tee! Your favorite vampire is trading in his gothic cape for something a little more colorful this season…and he knows it’s going to be a real HIT at the party. A smashing success even! You won’t want to miss Dracula busting his signature dance move, the Transylvania Twist, while showing off his new Halloween shirt! Don’t be fooled by that cold exterior, Dracula is a real sweetie on the inside…just like a piñata!


The Wolfman is expected to arrive to the party in this season’s finest cat couture: the Mr. Whiskers all over Halloween shirt! Wolfman’s hilarious all over costume tee shows off three adorable kittens trying to pose as Mr. Whiskers a “Person *Not a cat at all”, with the perfect bonus of cat tails printed on the back. The Wolfman’s bark is worse than his bite; don’t be frightened by those fangs and claws because he’s as gentle as a kitten once you get to know him. So, be sure to grab his attention at the party – a ball of yarn will do the trick – and share a cup of Witch’s Brew punch!


Even the Mummy is thinking about making an appearance at this year’s Halloween ball! He’s a shy guy – and he can get pretty wrapped up in pre-party jitters – but he found the perfect all over Mummy Wrap tee and he didn’t want to miss out on showing it off. He even worked up the nerve to bring a date this year and he’ll have the Banshee floating on his arm. She’ll be sporting the fashionable skeleton all over costume tee, because she loves how it shows off her great bone structure. Don’t miss seeing the spookiest couple at the ball in their favorite costume tees!


Be sure to get your own costume tee ready because everyone is heading to the Monster Mash Masquerade Ball and you’re invited! Don’t be late; the hocus pocus starts at the Witching Hour and the dress code is an awesome Halloween all over costume tee!

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