New Officially Licensed Marvel Designs Created by DBH Artists

by Kat 3 months ago

Design By Humans is excited to introduce three officially-licensed Marvel designs, created by our very own DBH artists! The Marvel Universe is a world filled with colorful heroes, terrible villains, and exciting adventures; it is a world that every artist is captivated and intrigued by. For the first time ever, the DBH community had the opportunity to create Marvel-inspired graphics – vetted and approved by the Marvel license – to become officially licensed art that will take its place in Marvel canon.

The DBH artists’ unique styles makes each design more than a Marvel design; they’re marvel-ous DBH designs as well.


1) Kdeuce’s Black Panther Watercolor

Kdeuce says he is inspired by the “beauty of Mother Nature” which encourages his interest in animal-themed designs. The hero, Black Panther, is strengthened by the vibranium in his home country of Wakanda – which gives him the grace and power of his namesake, the panther – while also helping him to be an unstoppable hero, benevolent ruler, and perfect inspiration for kdeuce’s art.

The self-taught artist, kdeuce, shares that he is influenced by “Japanese and Chinese calligraphy so I guess there are some eastern Asian influence in some of my designs.” His unique Black Panther design has a distinctive watercolor and calligraphy style – with a faded paintbrush stroke – that blends the edges and lends to the appearance of melting into the surroundings. This design not only allows you to imagine T’Challa lurking in the shadows – blending in with the darkness of the forest – but it will also make your t-shirt style a perfect blend of heroic and artistic.

Black Panther

2) VincentTrinidad’s Retro Man Titan

VincentTrinidad’s Retro Man Titan is a perfect reflection of the artist’s distinctive style. He admits he is encouraged by “nostalgic things” or styles reminiscent of the “retro classics 80’s and 90’s era.” The vibrant design is an invitation into your childhood memory of a trip to the local arcade: bright neon colors and a retro 80’s grid frame shows off a grinning Thanos. The powerful Thanos is perfectly portrayed with artistic shading and shadows that make him appear close enough to touch – and undoubtedly vivid enough to terrify you.

VincentTrinidad knows that as “an artist you should be always open to ideas and inspiration, immersing yourself to all kinds of art 24/7.” VincentTrinidad’s throwback look and bright retro color palette is perfect for Thanos: a Marvel villain obsessed with controlling time (and everything else) with an Infinity Gauntlet. Not even Thanos, the Mad Titan, can be angry at this fantastic design.


3) Gloopz’s Soaring Iron Man

Elan Harris aka Gloopz, describes his artistic style as diverse, bold, and fun. He admits “I tend to explore and experiment all the time” – a sentiment that the star of his design, Iron Man, similarly follows. An admirer of experimentation is also the best artist to create an Iron Man design that perfectly ties in elements of experimentation, exploration, and the entrepreneurial spirit shared by Iron Man.

Elan’s design is a perfect blend of his individual style and the beloved Marvel hero. At first glance, Iron Man’s profile is portrayed with white clouds zipping past him, but upon closer inspection a small dark shadow reveals itself to be Iron Man as well. The concept of a smaller piece hidden within a larger whole is a perfect representation of Elan’s graffiti art style as well. The multi-layers and the subtle paint splatter patterns laced with paintbrush strokes hint at Gloopz’s own history and fascination with graffiti art. Gloopz’s representation of Iron Man perfectly expresses the significance of the character and the role he has played in our popular culture.

Iron Man

Marvel created a wonderful world and characters that beg to be reimagined by artists. Gloopz, vincentTrinidad, and kdeuce have taken on the challenge and created something extraordinary by weaving together their own unique style and a classic comic book character to create a timeless DBH Marvel hero shirt!

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