On the 5th Day, Save $5 off Collective Tees

by DBH Staff 5 years ago

Discount Prices on Collective Tees

Today’€™s sale features 5 dollars off all Collective Tees. Browse around the variety of new t shirt designs in the Collective. There are over 40 new artists, each featuring 6-12 new graphic tees. There are new a total of 566 shirts to choose from, and they are all available in different colors. If you have bought a popular Shirt of the Day in the past you most likely already own a shirt from one of these artists. You can browse your favorite t shirt designers, categories, or colors.

$5 off all Collective Tees, Coupon Code – 12DAYCOLLECTIVE5

The Collective shirts are printed using direct to garment printing with a full color range. This allows for custom color t shirt selections and a wider opportunity for color selections. Today t shirt sale would be a great opportunity to purchase your favorite Collective T Shirts. See the print quality and custom color options with discount pricing.

On the 5th Day of Tee Sales DBH Gave to me, 5 Collective Tees (with rings)

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