One-Way Ticket to Margaritaville, Please

by Kat 5 months ago

Design By Humans is excited to say: Happy National Margarita Day! Today you can sing Jimmy Buffett’s song, Margaritaville, at the top of your lungs and annoy only half as many people as normal. So, we just have to say it once:

There’s booze in the blender,
And soon it will render
That frozen concoction that helps me hang on.


Margaritas are like summer – in drink form. They are the epitome of the sun on your face, vacations on the beach, and feelings of bliss and relaxation. We love you, margaritas! You have a starring role in our lives – at least for today. In fact, we think you should be immortalized, just like the White Russian in The Big Lebowski. Or, James Bond’s martini “shaken, not stirred” and the cosmopolitan from Sex and the City.

The Dude

In fact – now that we think about it – margaritas have always played a supporting role in Hollywood; they never get to be the star of the show!
I guess there was that one time when Jimmy Buffett was the “man who saved his margarita” during a dinosaur stampede in Jurassic World. Or, in Practical Magic, when the Owens witches spent the night concocting margaritas and magical spells.

Margarita Reading

And, in Mean Girls, Regina George’s mom offered the girls something that closely resembled a margarita (virgin of course, unless you’d like something a little stronger…because if you’re going to drink, she’d rather you did it in the house) during afternoon happy hour.

Cool Lime

So – although Hollywood has some callouts to the tasty tropical lime concoction – the margarita has never had that one iconic role that spiraled it into cocktail stardom. No one puts Baby in the corner! This year, we think margaritas should be celebrated; it’s finally time to get that starring role.

Here’s to you, margaritas! For all the nights you’ve given us (or all the nights you made us forget)! Today we celebrate you on the rocks with Design By Humans’ tees, tacos, and tiny umbrellas.


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