Rogue One T-shirts Are Here!

by Alisa Lopez 2 years ago

As the nerdlings out there will already know, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is fast approaching! Now, you have lots and lots of options of what to wear when you go see it at midnight (as you naturally should).

All signs point to this being a heist movie; it’s sneaky, it’s badass, and it’s all about beating the system!

1. Defiance
With this in mind, my first Rogue One t-shirt pick is Defiance. It’s a simple silhouette design against a Death Star backdrop, but it’s very bold and powerful. The Death Star is a looming threat, and only the defiance of one girl can bring it crashing down around the Emperor’s wrinkly ears.


2. Death Trooper Grunge
Although there is a Star Wars tale called Death Troopers (it’s about zombie stormtroopers–so wait, they shoot even worse and move slower??), these are not those guys. The Death Troopers referenced in Rogue One are an elite force that may actually be able to hit you when they point their guns in your general direction. Anyway this particular image is a little reminiscent of Boba Fett in the style, calling back the clone troopers and all of that business. Rep some elite death machines by wearing this Rogue One tee while you watch the film!


3. Shoretrooper Patrol
I’ve never really thought much about how many battles must be fought on the ground in the Star Wars Universe (except in the Thrawn Trilogy, Timothy Zahn totally slayed writing that one). “Shoretrooper Patrol” brings to mind battles that were not fought among the stars. It brings out the more realistic aspect of what Rogue One is rumored to be about; the people who can’t fight with the Force or with lightsabers. This one’s for the ground troops; also it looks really cool.


4. Vintage Rebel Crew
You can’t go wrong with a little vintage! Vintage Rebel Crew is a great pick for those of us who grew up on the old films especially; the colors are a little reminiscent of the battle between Luke and Darth Vader during The Empire Strikes Back. New characters, old style; this Star Wars shirt hits all the highlights!


5. Rebellion
It’s so awesome to see another lady in front of this movie, and I really love this shirt. It’s like a “stand up with me, I’m a badass and I’m awesome and we’re going to crush the bad guys” kind of shirt (if that’s a thing). Even the color choices make it seem like it’s really important and like she’s someone to pay attention to. I think I’d be better off fighting for whatever side she’s on.


6. Krennic’s Guard
Here’s another image of the illustrious Death Trooper known as Krennic’s Guard; Krennic is the guy responsible for the Death Star. In fact, his whole reputation is riding on finishing it. Typical, I suppose when you think Vader was running around killing commanders anytime they messed up. This guy’s basically Terry Benedict. Anyway, back to the Death Trooper–seriously is there just one? Or maybe they travel individually and work best as an ‘army of one.’ Either way, you’ll look badass sporting this shirt and yelling ‘Rebel Scum!’ at the premier.


7. Enlist Now
If you haven’t seen the Family Guy Star Wars films, watch them. That “Join the Empire” clip is basically this shirt. And it’s also Starship Troopers. One big propaganda reel for why the Empire will win anyway and you should just join already. I especially enjoy the old style type at the bottom of the design. If you’re big on sarcasm, you probably ordered this shirt already.


8. Imperial Darth Vader
Can’t forget that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is totally a throwback to when Vader was the best supervillain ever! This isn’t the pathetic whiny kid from Revenge of the Sith, and it’s not the wheezing dying old man from Return of the Jedi, this is “Do not disappoint me.” Vader is at the height of his power, and he’s ready to crush everything in his path. For me this would be the first time going to the theater to see the real Darth Vader on screen; Revenge of the Sith does not count I don’t care, but this one will and how could I not wear a Vader shirt!?


9. Baze Malbus
What’s a heist movie without a crack team of troublemakers? Baze Malbus is one of these, known for his fighting skills. I love the comic-book style portrayal in this image. You don’t have to worry about a Fanboys-like scenario with this character (you know, when Seth Rogen tattoos Jar Jar Binks all over his back because he thinks he’ll be the best character–awkward). Anyway, this shirt is for the hipster in you; you knew about this guy before he was even cool.


10. K-2SO Schema
K-2SO (pronounced Kay Tuesso) is a droid that was captured by the Alliance and reprogrammed to help the rebels steal the Death Star plans. He’s portrayed by the amazing Alan Tudyk; my dreams of Wash coming back in another universe are dead, but at least he’s in the movie! Anyway we have another droid to fall in love with, although I’m betting more comic relief than adorable-ness like there was with BB-8. Check out your new robotic obsession!


These are my top picks from the Rogue One Collection, but don’t forget to check out the rest here. Star Wars is back in theaters, and you have to have something appropriate to wear to the premier; if you don’t go full costume, at least wear your Vader shirt. I’ll be there with mine, and I hope I’ll see you there too!

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