T is for Typography

by DBH Staff 4 years ago

There have many exceptional typographic designs added to the website lately. Typography isn’€™t as simple as placing text on a page; it requires strong attention to detail, expert linework, leading and kerning, and spatial arrangement. Typographic designs make great T-shirts or phone cases as they make strong statements; they embody unique ideas that can represent a small piece of who we are.

Hope by RonCabardz
In the Haiyan Relief store you will find this beautifully arranged typographic gem. This emblem serves a valuable purpose: all of the artwork’€™s proceeds are donated to the American Red Cross Typhoon Relief Fund. Find more donated artwork in the Haiyan Collective Store.

London by RikkiB
This design utilizes geometric shapes as well as unique representations of natural elements to give each individual character in the artwork depth. Each is unique and stylized.

Music Still Goes On by Dandingeroz
The artist of this design incorporated elements associated with music. The typeface has been created to look as though it was painted, while texturized with graphic elements.

A beautiful typographic emblem, Born Lucky is balanced and pleasing to the eye. The characters flow together causing the eye to move around the artwork, and it incorporates classic Victorian embellishments.

JoeyCarty has created a few beautiful logos for well known cities including Detroit, Michigan, and San Francisco, California. He incorporates symbols that represent characteristics of the cities, and the characters in the logos all complement each other and fit together perfectly.

Life Is Too Short-TARDIS by Zerobriant
Life is too short not to to travel in space & time. This design is textured to appear pre-worn and vintage the moment it’€™s printed. A pop culture phrase fits perfectly into a minimalist silhouette of a time machine from one of our favorite TV shows.

The World is a Party by Jardo
The world is a party, and this typographic design is festive and energetic celebrating the excitement of life. Stylized embellishments frame the script in the design with the most importance, accentuating it.

Steam by MedusaDollMaker
This steampunk artwork is highly stylized and shines as though it is made of pure gold. The individual elements fit together like clockwork.

Feed the Soul by NeonBeast
Another important message, the text in this typographic art encourages us to be wholesome and humble. The artist incorporates bird silhouettes directly into the type. The line work is delicate and elegant.

Love What You Do by GonzoFresco
This typographic design incorporates visual elements from street art and graffiti. The artist has a unique style that isn’€™t often seen in T-shirt design and we like it. Not only is the type awesome, but it communicates an inspiring statement.

Logos and typography aren’€™t just for businesses and product labels. They are great works of art that are fun to wear on graphic tees and look very cool on phone cases. There’€™s nothing more inspirational when waking up in the morning for another day at work than a framed art print on the wall reminding us to love what we do.

Check out more typography designs!

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