Viveros to Showcase Work at Moniker International Art Fair

by Alisa Lopez 11 months ago

DBH Artist, Viveros, to Showcase Work at Moniker International Art Fair, London October 5-8, 2017.

Design By Humans is excited to share that DBH artist, Viveros, will be presenting his unique artwork at London’s Moniker International Art Fair from October 5th to October 8th 2017. Brian Viveros is traveling to the UK with LA’s Thinkspace Gallery to present Bulletproof, a complete collection of new and groundbreaking artwork. Viveros will be unveiling 12 new and never before seen pieces – some of his most arresting work to date. Viveros’ iconic warrior women are emblematic of courage, power, and resistance. To learn more about the artist’s work, explore Viveros’ DBH store here.

The new collection will include some of Viveros’ most iconic Dirtyland characters, alongside some new pieces with unprecedented detail, sophistication, and vibrancy. The show will also showcase some notable firsts: a double portrait – featuring two Dirtyland warriors – as well as, a large-scale painting appropriately named the Queen of the Land that depicts a full view of Viveros’ muse. Viveros will also introduce new charcoal renderings, a bull-horned helmet themed piece, and a special tribute to his favorite tequila, Don Julio, entitled 1942.

Be a part of Viveros’ London show or check out the artist on his Design By Humans store.