Wacom and Design By Humans Timed Tournament

by DBH Staff 5 years ago

Wacom and Design By Humans have teamed up to host an intense head to head design contest. Prizes include free Wacom tablets, cash, and t shirts.  Submission will be accepted starting August 10th, 2012 to August 22nd.  The head to head tournament will continue through September, with the Winner announced in October. 

Wacom T Shirt Design Contest

Timed Tournament for Wacom Prizes and Cash

Let’€™s check out prizes:

1st Place – $1500 + Inuos5 medium wireless tablet + t shirt print
2nd Place – $1250 + Bamboo Create Tablet
3rd Place – $1000 Bamboo Splash Tablet

You Can Also Win $100 with the Best Work Progress Video

DBH is also offering another chance to win. One winner will be chosen to win $100 and 2 tees for producing a Work in Progress Video. Record a video of yourself  designing on a Wacom Tablet, add some spice by using music, commentary, or anything else to make it unique but make sure it’€™s entertaining. Then all you need to do is title the video DBH Wacom Contest and make it public on YouTube.com with winner chosen by DBH.

The Wacom Contest Rules

  • Anyone can submit designs to qualify for the 32 person tournament
  • The Top 32 designs will be chosen for the final tournament
  • Contestants will be paired up head to head each round
  • Each contestant gets a topic in which they have 60 minutes to begin, design, and submit their entry.
  • You have one week to complete the task.
  • The count down begins once you click start, and ends once your design is successfully submitted.
  • The community will vote on the winning t shirt design submissions.
  • The winner moves on to the next round.
  • Then the winning designers get a new category and opponent for the next week.
  • There will be 4 rounds, the winner of each round moves on.
  • The grand prize winners win free Wacom tablets, cash, and their t shirt design printed.
  • You don’€™t need to own a Wacom tablet to enter the contest.
  • Any one across the world can enter.
  • Winners must compete each week, or they will be disqualified.

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