Water Cooler Gossip: Black Panther is the Coolest Guy in the Office

by Kat 4 months ago

The Marvel Universe is a legendary place – filled with extraordinary heroes and unimaginable adventures – but you can bet that if the Marvel Universe had an office break room, it would have a lot of the same elements as the typical workplace. It might be Black Widow and Thor chatting at the water cooler, but you can be sure that they’d be discussing the same boring old office shenanigans – just like the rest of us – but with that epic superhero twist.

In honor of Marvel’s Black Panther movie premiere, let’s take a stroll through the Marvel office break room!


Iron Man would probably be talking people’s ears off about his latest tech gadget or listing off the gigabytes and nano-things on his phone. Deadpool would definitely be eating everyone’s food out of the fridge and – covered in crumbs and different sauces – insist he did no such thing.

Spider Man, with his sticky fingers, would make off with everyone’s Tupperware and mugs. Oh, and Groot would be there too, telling that same story he tells every time…something about Groot this and Groot that. He’s lucky he’s so darn cute, because he can be a real bore sometimes.


But, hands down, the coolest guy in the office would be Black Panther. You just know he’d be the guy bringing in donuts for everyone. And, he’d be all nonchalant and humble about the amazing things he did over the weekend like, “I just visited my family this weekend.” What he’d fail to mention is that he actually visited his family in the country of Wakanda, an amazing hidden paradise, via a high-tech plane! Like, no big deal. Also, he’d just gloss over the fact that he is the King of Wakanda. He’s just that modest.


Also, T’Challa, or Black Panther is – although he would never brag about it – one of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe. T’Challa has a PhD from Oxford University and is a remarkable politician, inventor, scientist, and fighter. Plus, he always has the coolest outfits. So, you can bet that he’s the guy everyone wants to talk to in the break room, or the guy who everyone is dying to get an invite from for his parties.

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