The 10 Year Anniversary of Design By Humans

The 10 Year Anniversary of Design By Humans

We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary!

If you’ve just joined us recently, or are an OG DBH member looking for a trip down nostalgia lane here’s a quick look back at where this all started.

In July of 2007 DesignByHumans officially launched with its first artist created, community voted design. Each day a new limited edition design launched. Here’s a look at the 1st four designs ever to appear on DesignByHumans.


by fbryant

Silk Moth Soliloquy

by iotadial

Gate Demon

by simon


by robin

From there, DBH was fortunate enough to play host to artistic powerhouses such as MrNicolo, Megan Lara, Mathiole, Kdeuce and so many more.

We would be nothing without the artists that have contributed their work to DBH and allowed us to do what we do. You can explore the works of these amazing artists in our

DBH Originals

collection. These designs have been brought out of the vault and converted to our on demand print method to make them once again available for your enjoyment. Don’t forget to check out new art from these artists in their stores as well!

As we celebrate 10 years of art, design, and killer t-shirts we wanted to bring things back to our roots. So for our anniversary we are featuring five, Limited Edition screen printed t-shirts designed by some of our original artists. Check them out below!

Here is a little more on the artists behind these designs


Inspired at a young age, Mathiole started out his art career by redrawing Spider-Man cover art. His work features vibrant water colors and experimental illustrations. Mathiole has been a prolific contributor to DesignByHumans since 2007.


Conceptual artist and photographer Neonbeast takes creative ideas and further manipulates them. The outcome is a poem of shapes and lines that crosses the boundary separating dream from reality.


Brothers Francis and Laurence from the Philippines make up the collaborative team Nicebleed. The pair has contributed their work to DBH since the early days and are regularly featured in our top 50 most wanted designs.With aesthetics ranging from classic illustration to mind bending abstracts, these brothers continue to demonstrate an evolving and prolific style.


MrNicolo is responsible for some of the most iconic, classic DBH designs. In the 8 years he has been a member of our community he has provided t-shirt fans with favorites such as Dino and Sasquatch Frenzy, as well as a variety of other winning designs. A true powerhouse, Nicolo was also named one of the 20 Best Young Designers by BluPrint Magazine.


Currently residing in Hawaii, but originally from the Philippine Islands, Kdeuce’s smooth textures and unique brush techniques are self-taught. Being drawn to Sumi type paintings and Japanese/Chinese calligraphy you’ll find eastern Asian influence in many of his designs.

Thank to you everyone who has been with us since the beginning and to everyone who has joined us along the way! Here’s to the next 10 years of art.




Featured Artist: Vanphirst

Featured Artist: Vanphirst

Featured Artist: Nikury

Featured Artist: Nikury